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Consultation Visit

Consultation visits are usually scheduled in the early morning or 5:00 in the evening.  We ask that the patient and both parents be present if possible at this consultation visit.  Our consultations are both informative and educational.  Dr. Berre does not delegate his consultations to staff people such as a treatment coordinator.  It is his feeling that the person who does the diagnosis and treatment planning certainly knows the most about the patient’s problem list and treatment plan.  It is illogical to assume that a person who is not an orthodontist can effectively and accurately explain the patient’s orthodontic problems and the treatment plan or answer pertinent questions concerning treatment.  This is an opportunity for the parents and patient to ask questions concerning treatment.  The average consultation time is approximately 25-30 minutes.  However, in complicated cases the consultation may be longer.  It is important that the patients and parents have a thorough understanding of the problem and treatment plan.  Within a few days of the consultation both the parents and patient and the referring dentist receive a comprehensive letter that summarizes the consultation visit.